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Cherie Nuit offers many different classes for all skill levels and intents! Classes are open to all humans! Ready to register? Email Cherie to schedule a class! Don’t see what you are looking for? Email Cherie with a special request!


PRIVATE CLASSES (for new or non-performers)

  • Finding Your Sexy- $60- What does “sexy” mean, and how can you find your own, unique version of it? In this 1-hour class we will begin to tap into your sensuality through movement-based exercises, meditation, and individual guidance.

GROUP CLASSES (for both performers and newbies)

All group classes will be held at a $250 flat fee for 3-10 students. Each additional student will be charged at $25 per individual.

  • Acting is Reacting- In this 1-hour class, students will learn to take their focus off of their own experience, and focus on their audience. What does it mean to have a “dialogue” on stage, and how can we use our bodies to tell the story? Using traditional Meisner acting techniques, students will learn how to better communicate with their audiences, and forge strong connections on (and off!) stage.

  • Storytelling as Dance- All artists have their tools; brushes, pencils, instruments, etc. In burlesque, we communicate with our bodies! With both the face and the body, we tell stories every day. How can we bring these stories to life on stage? In this 1-hour class we will focus building mastery with our “tools”, and finding ways to expand our narrative-abilities on (and off) stage. No dance experience necessary!

  • I Feel Terrific- Have you ever been backstage and thought “I feel terrible, how could I possibly give it my all on stage?”. We all have been there! In this 1-hour long class we will focus on how to work internally, so you can impact your external performance! Starting with meditation, movement-based exercises, and partner work, we will work from the inside out to develop a stronger mind-body connection.

    Note: Some group classes may be adapted for individual workshops

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING (for current burlesque performers)

  • Act Development (one session)- $60

  • Act Development (two sessions)- $100

  • Act Development (three sessions)-$150

  • Critique and Feedback- $60

  • “Take it to the Next Level!” - $150 - this 3 session package provides you with 2 in-person sessions, and one Skype/Video/Phone session. Each hour-long session will be an opportunity to refine, revise, and fine-tune your act. Typically, the first session will focus on movement, choreography, and musicality. Session two often focuses on intent, motivation, and internal work. Your final Skype or video session often includes a critique of recorded live performance. Expect to take your act to the next level, feel confident in your movement, and have a stage-ready piece of art!


  • All other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis. All one-on-one sessions will be charged at $60.00 an hour

    PLEASE NOTE: An additional $50.00 travel fee will be charged for for sessions outside of the Baltimore-area. Cherie Nuit does have a home studio on the 3rd floor of her home. It is, unfortunately, not accessible as it is up 2 flights of stairs. For mobility concerns please contact Cherie directly.